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Maestro A202 Dual Tech. Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor 2-circuit Switch

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Part Number:MS-A202
  • Includes:Sensor Only, Shown will wallplate (not Included)
  • Requires:Reading Directions, Ground wire connection REQUIRED(< Did you see a ground is required for this unit to work? Please don't cut off the ground and igrnor this)
  • Links:Lutron's Sensor Page | Instructions
  • More Info:Scroll Down / See Below

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Maestro Wall Sensor MS-A202 Dual Technology and Dual Circuit Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor Switch (No Neutral). This is not a 2-Pole Switch, it is a stacked or 2 circuit switch with a common line(supply) for Fan and Light or A/B switching of 2 banks of lights (also for dual level or dual ballast/driver fixtures).

Note: PIR window/lens is Translucent White regardless of Model Color. (this may stand out with certain finish options) If you are particular about this consider a Maestro Wireless device with a wireless ceiling sensor.

Settings are adjustable per switch, so 1 circuit (e.g. lights) could be on the top switch and come on automatically in Occupancy Mode, and circuit 2 (e.g. Fan) could come on in Manual on / Auto Off Vacancy mode. Or they can be programmed to operate in unison. Additionally this sensor has ALD (Ambient Light Detection) So you could use this for 2 banks of lights and have the second set only come on if their is not enough ambient light in the room. (this "ALD" mode has a learning function or mode, so if you override the "ALD" by turning the light on when it thinks there is enough light, over time it will learn you preference and adjust to that ambient level)  

Dual Technology Offers the best of Both PIR and Ultrasonic sensing capabilities. Ultrasonic is a bonus when you have partitions such as bathroom stalls or other obstacles that might obstruct a PIR only sensor.

Shown with optional Claro Screwless Wallplate, not included.

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