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Light Pole Base Bolt Circle Calculator

This Calculator is for determining the Bolt Circle or Diameter of the Bolt Circle when only the spacing on the bolts is known. It assumes 4 bolts equally spaced. Many times when there is an existing pole in place that needs to be replaced it may not be easy to measure accurately corner to corner with the pole in the way. Or more often a person measuring assumes the square measurement when the industry goes by the bolt circle. Commonly pole bases are slotted anyway, so being 99% accurate might be close enough... (This is for estimating only and Hank's will not be responsible for errors)

Bolt Circle diagram  pole=
Enter the "C-C" bolt spacing dimension and the bolt circle "D" Dimension will appear:

Bolt Circle Calculator for Square 4 Bolt Patterns:

C-C (Bolt to Bolt)

Enter your value and press return

D = Bolt Circle Diameter: