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LED's and Dimming

Posted by on 5/28/2016 to LED
LED lighting is about 80-90% of all the lighting we sell currently. So naturally you want them to dim. Well in most cases this is possible, but there are a lot of caveats...

I've written blogs in the past on LED dimming, but this topic along with the LED products, drivers and controls keeps evolving. To understand dimming LED we need to do a little homework and recognize the parts and types of things we are controlling. First off the LED itself. The LED is simply a "Light Emitting Diode" typically in it's raw form these dim very well. Unfortunately our homes and businesses have alternating current (A.C.) and the LED require direct current (D.C.). Additionally they require a lower voltage typically than is running through our walls. No huge obstacle, we simply need to transform down the AC voltage, and turn it into DC.

It important to understand that even before LED we had a selection of dimmers, that most of the general public never paid any attention to. In general we have 3 common types of dimmers, Incandescent, Magnetic Low Voltage, & Electronic Low Voltage.