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Radio Ra Select Auxiliary Repeater

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Part Number:L-REPPRO-BL
Radio Ra Select Auxiliary Repeater. (can also be used with Radio Ra 2)

Use Auxiliary Repeater to extend the range of your main repeaters. You may need to add more than one. Though the range of the Lutron RF is understated, you should plan on 30ft in any direction from the repeater to any controlled devices or keypads to ensure coverage. You can always add them to the system after the fact. It's possible under certain conditions to get twice the rated range or even more, so if you want to play with that go ahead, if you want to make sure you are covered and have no problems, imagine a 60 bubble around each repeater and place them so they overlap a bit and covered the installed devices.

Radio Ra Select is an end-user APP programmable lighting control system. This is a step between their Caseta and Radio Ra 2 system.

  • It's slightly Cheaper than Radio Ra 2, due to the use of Pico's instead of Keypads, and the Main Repeater itself is cheaper.
  • Controllable remotely
  • User programmable in an intuitive APP.
  • Up-gradable to full Radio Ra 2 be replacing the main repeater
  • It only uses Pico's as keypads
  • Pico's only allow for Scene programming
  • Pico's only available in limited colors
  • Not compatible with all Radio Ra 2 products, (Mainly just common dimmers & switches)
  • Limited options in programming

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